Polaris Ranger XP 1000 (18-22) SYA Warrior Snorkel Kit


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Extreme Snorkels will give no written or implied warranty as to the functionalit…


Extreme Snorkels will give no written or implied warranty as to the functionality of this product. These snorkel kits will not make ATV's/UTV's waterproof. Damages caused by deep water or other obstacles is not the responsibility of Extreme Snorkels. No returns accepted!


Protecting your Polaris Ranger XP 1000 engine, belt, and venting points from mud and water ingestion is essential when riding in harsh areas.  

These snorkel kits are designed to relocate the factory air and belt intake points, and the belt exhaust point from under the plastics to a higher location.  By doing this, clean fresh air is supplied to the engine to keep it running in the event of mud or water crossings, and also prevents the belt from slipping.


  • Black SYA Warrior Risers, which slide and lock together for a strong perfectly straight install
  • Warrior Risers also have built in vent line slots to keep your vent lines high and dry and secured cleanly
  • Extra vent line for extending factory venting points
  • This is a Dual 2" air intake Performance Snorkel kit - All 2" hard pipe kit - 100% glued and assembled for an easy install
  • Detailed color instructions with pictures

Now Included:

Warrior riser snorkel kits now come standard with removable warrior wear tips that snap in easily and unsnap easily for cleaning. Although they are
not required to use with the warrior riser, you will have them if and when you need them. They are easy to clean and reusable and durable for long
time use. The water repellent material is from outerwears. Your warrior wear will come unglued so you have the option of custom painting your parts
to match your machine. Easily glue in with loctite stick'n seal glue. You may choose to glue them together with the water repellent pre filter material,
or to glue together without . Your choice. The cvt outlet should not have the water repellent material in place. The instructions with your kit
Contain all information on your warrior wear tips.



  • The Warrior risers come in a black finish, we will not color match like shown in pictures. They can be easily painted and dipped with hydro graphics by you the end user.
  • No tuning required.
  • No cutting of the very expensive bed like with other kits out there.
  • You may turn the Warrior risers to the front if you have a back window installed.
  • This kit works with lift kits, and over sized tires.
  • These snorkel kits are designed for end users with mechanical knowledge, but a professional ATV mechanic is recommended to install these kits to prevent costly mistakes.  Also be advised that most dealerships void warranties if a snorkel is installed, so please contact them before purchasing a kit.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Fullsize, Regular Cab ONLY (2018-2022)
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Fullsize, Crew Cab ONLY (2019-2022)*

*If you have the old body style 2018 Crew Cab model you will need the following kit: Polaris Ranger XP 1000 (2017) SYA Warrior Snorkel Kit

Note: This kit does not fit NON-XP models or models with the 61hp NON-XP engine, you will need the following: Polaris Ranger NON-XP 1000 (20-22) SYA Warrior Snorkel Kit