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Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Differential Reinforcement Plates

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  • Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Diff Plates
  • Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Diff Plates
  • Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Diff Plates
  • Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Diff Plates
  • Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Diff Plates



Support Bracket/ Reinforcement Plate

You are buying 1 SET of 2 Plates

New longer bolts for added reinforcement are now included!

These Reinforcement Plates are ideal for saving the life of the front differential on your Polaris RZR 800 or XP 900. These plates can help prevent the frame from twisting , binding and even ripping loose at the welds or bolting points.

If you have already done these things this is the perfect way to fix it way stronger than it ever was before.

Just remember an ounce of prevention is worth more than a Pound Cure!

These plates have been run on several RZR's with tires over 32 inches tall and weighing over 65lbs a wheel and tire and there has not been any movement in the front differential or mounting points!

These plates are recommended on RZR's running all tire sizes in all riding conditions as they can save you money in repair bills!


  • The factory front mounting plate should be leveled and squared if this area has already been damaged prior to installation of this reinforcement plate. If this factory plate is not level the clearances of the axle cups will either be to close or even hitting the frame where the lower control arms mount. This can be achieved by use using a heavy plate or flat bar with a hole in it for a large bolt, fender washers and nut. The plate should expand wider than the frame rails. Place the bolt through the factory diff mounting holes and the flat plate. Doing this will allow you to tighten the bolt pulling the factory plate back in place and level.
  • The reinforcement plates will come in raw steel form (if it will not be welded in, it should be painted before installation to prevent rust)
  • The factory weld may need to be ground down to insure that the reinforcement plate sits FLUSH against the factory plate. The outer edges of the reinforcement plate will need to be ground on a bevel (about a 45°). Each Frame has some variance in how it is welded from the factory. Therefore each reinforcement plate should be ground to fit each RZR frame.  
  • The key to getting every bit of benefit out of this reinforcement plate is that time is taken to make this plate sit completely flush against the factory plate. This allows for the displacement of direct force and binding from the front differential.
  • Once the plate fits FLUSH (meaning no gap between the 2 plates) the plate can be installed in the frame. Blue or Red Loctite should be used during final installation of the front differential.
  • If the plate will only be bolted in, it is recommended that all ground areas be painted and the entire plate as well.
  • If the Plate will be welded in, then all areas around the plates should have all factory coating removed.
  • It is also recommended that if the plate is welded in it should only be TACKED in place while bolted to the diff. Once Tacked in place the diff should be unbolted and a small block of wood placed between the diff and plate to reduce all heat transfer into the front diff.

Polaris RZR/RZR-S/RZR-4 800 (08-14)
Polaris RZR XP/XP-4 900 (11-14)*
*Sides need grinding more to fit 900's

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Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Differential Reinforcement Plates

Polaris RZR 800/900 Front Differential Reinforcement Plates